Mama said there’d be days like this, she just didn’t say they’d be in rows.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Amy, aka ‘Amy Chaos’ for the last 18+ yrs. I’ll share that story sometime, but before that I was always, Just Amy. I think I just turned 36, but let’s be honest I stopped counting after 30. I’m old enough to know better, young enough to still try it although I’ve been warned. I have a daughter (Riley) & 2 pups (Penny & Max). I used to work non stop, 24/7/365 & I loved it. After I had my daughter things changed, I suffered postpartum depression that progressed into cPTSD and it’s been a roller coaster ever since.

“You Met Me at A Very Strange Time In My Life…”

My Latest Posts

  • Finally a Shower Thought
    1:11:22/7:09PM – This is a series I started of random epiphanies I have while taking showers… it’s like the best things happen to my brain in there. What if Alzheimer’s isn’t really people losing their memories or minds, but just that they’ve suffered so much grief & pain, they’ve disassociated so far to keep going,… Continue reading Finally a Shower Thought
  • Covid + Dexter + Euphoria
  • Romeo… Oh Romeo…
    I just got done writing a good five paragraphs about how my first true love was Leo, bc of his exceptional performance as Romeo in the 90s remake of Romeo & Juliet. (Side note, killer sound track def one to add on the MUST HAVE IN MY VINYL COLLECTION list). So I wrote this deep… Continue reading Romeo… Oh Romeo…
  • Liability
  • Words on Napkins
    I’m going to upload the actual photos of what I wrote on the napkin, I wrote pretty sloppy bc I was trying to telling yelling all my thoughts in my head out faster than I could write them. it was something about how I was downstairs alone for another day in a row. No one… Continue reading Words on Napkins
  • Juju & 22
  • Life is Just Hard
    I was thinking about how sad I get for kids these days, just struggling with life. I was always kind of sad… or not really HAPPY like they showed in movies and shit, but I know the moment it all shifted to this other place. I remember feeling like I’d been hit by a ton… Continue reading Life is Just Hard
  • Feelings 8/8/21
    I hate crying when I don’t know why When nothing seems wrong, But nothing seems right How do I explain myself to those who constantly ask For God’s sake I can’t even manage the simplest of tasks If I tried to tell you the truth could you even understand me Can you grasp the pain… Continue reading Feelings 8/8/21
  • 010122
    1:05 am It is officially 2022. I don’t make New Years resolutions bc, I had a New Years revelation in 2019 when I thought I’d had the worst year of my life… worse did in fact exist. I’m done asking “what’s the worst that could happen?” Try worldwide shutdown, millions dying, running out of toilette… Continue reading 010122
  • 1231231
    Dec.31 9:45 pm I’ve cried for who knows how many days straight? Let’s be honest I’ve never been one for the holidays, or perhaps they’ve never been one for me. I’ve been hearing fireworks since Christmas Eve, no one knows what the hell is going on anymore. The clock hit midnight Christmas Eve/Day and I… Continue reading 1231231